Sunday, May 28th, 2017

I confess I haven’t used many Western Digital Hard drives during my career. One tends to stick with a manufacturer one trusts especially when spending thousands of pounds of a clients money. The usual stories abound for those who wish to search for them. Western Digital are the finest hard drive manufacturer at large to […]

G1.Sniper – 1366 Socket – X58 Chipset – ATX (Ref: G1.SNIPER) I’ve been thinking a good deal about motherboards recently. Its sometime since my personal (Midi Tower) computer was built. Probably four years now. Asus were my favorites for may many years and I have no real reason for looking at another manufacturer. When we […]

I’m thinking of adding a page for difficult to find ancient bits and pieces. Memory and such. I have a draw full of old memory somewhere that someone may find useful Any comments ideas suggestions would be as usual welcome. Powered By

This is the page that I have been waiting for, or at least it was until I found out how many there were to do. The SHORT List: Dual-Core AMD Opteron (16) AMD Athlon II X4 (11) AMD Opteron (10) Six-Core AMD Opteron (10) AMD Athlon II X3 (9) Quad-Core AMD Opteron (9) AMD Phenom […]

It should be remembered that when Intel say “family” they mean a collection of processors not Mother Father and two children. Some chips in an Intel family cost a breathtaking FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS. Fortunately there are others ( the majority ) that cost a good deal less…. To save time effort and money (for you) […]