Sunday, May 28th, 2017

After April’s launch of quad-core desktop and mobile Ivy Bridge parts, today Intel is launching the smaller, cheaper, and lower powered dual-core half

Acer Debuts the Aspire M5 Ultrabook – An ample hard disk drive offers plenty of space for large files, and an integrated solid state drive enables instant-on capability. An SSD-only configuration is also available. The highly durable SSD lets user access files faster, run the battery longer, and operate more quietly.

HIS is ready with a fanless Radeon HD 7750 graphics card that utilizes the company’s iSilence 5 cooling solution, which is used on the recently-launched HD 6670 iSilence 5. The cooler consists of a swanky-looking aluminum fin stack to which heat is conveyed by four 8 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes, which make direct contact with the GPU die. The heat is then passively dissipated by the aluminum fins.

  More evidence of the new Ultrabooks on their way out. HP Unveils New Ultrabooks, “Sleekbooks by Vivek Gowri   Posted in Mobile At the 2012 Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, HP announced a full slate of new thin-and-light and ultrabook systems, and we've gotten to go hands on with all of them. The most important […]

  Lenovo Tees Up for Business Computing with “Golf Ball-Wide” Sized Desktop LLE     The more elderly amongst us will remember that we have been hear before. Supersmall powerful [for then] desktops. Anyone remember Tiny Computers? Small is not always wonderful so lets hold off on the party until time has told…     […]