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Noctua – Heatsink + Fan CPU Cooling Kit – 2x 120mm Fans – NH-U12P SE2 – Special Edition


Amazon Price: £51.95 (as of January 24, 2014 7:23 pm - Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Heatsink + Fan CPU Cooling Kit - Copper + Aluminium - 2x 120mm Fans - LGA1366 & LGA1156 Ready!

NOCTUA - Sound-Optimized Premium Components CPU Cooler - NH-U12P SE2

The new NH-U12P SE2 now comes with two NF-P12 fans for further improved performance and adds support for LGA1156 as well as LGA1366 via the latest SecuFirm2TM multi-socket mounting system. Topped off with Noctua's award-winning NT-H1 thermal compound, the NH-U12P SE2 forms a complete quality package that continues the NH-U12P series' legacy of superb quiet cooling performance.

Intel® : Intel LGA1366, LGA1156, LGA775
AMD® : AM2, AM2+, AM3

Technical Details

  • Product Type:Processor cooler
  • Width:12.6 cm
  • Package Content:Thermal paste, Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptor (U.L.N.A.), Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)
  • Depth:12 cm
  • Weight:0.94 kg

Customer Reviews

Its noise is as low as its temperature

 16 Nov 2012
By Spex
I have owned this for about 3 months now. I'm running it on my AMD FX8150 (8 cores for those that are wondering)

125W of TDP is quite a lot, and this thing effortlessly vents it right out the roof of my computer.

If you have a case that can fit its rather large size, I implore you to buy it. It really is a top notch piece of kit.
Here are some Specs from previous coolers I've used with this processor all in a 22-24*c environment:
Stock cooler: Idle 42*c load 87*c Very noisy
Antec Kuhler 620: Idle 32*c load 64*c Reasonably quiet
NH-U12P: Idle 24*c Load 56*c Very Quiet

I Don't see myself replacing it for a very long time. I feel like I could buy a processor with close to 150-160W TDP and still do a crazy overclock.

Almost perfect

 19 Aug 2012
By James C
While the box and the item description don't list this this cooler will fit 1155 boards using the 1156 parts and settings. newer boxes list 1155 but the one Amazon sent me must have been from an older run.

The main worry I had from this was if it were going to fit my mobo an Asus Sabertooth Z77 its got that heat shield/thermal armour that covers 90% of the board and an assist fan right below the CPU socket. The good news is that it clears all of it by around 10mm so plenty of clearance and the cables are nice and long so it can wrap around all the corners to tuck away nicely. A smaller worry was if it were going to fit inside my case. It's a standard ATX but its over 10 years old and a bit on the thin side so I could not really go for anything with fans bigger then 120mm ( a cooler with 140mm would have been poking out of the side of the case.)

Down side if you want to run both fans in a push pull fashion buy ram with small or no heat spreader. I've got the Corsair Vengeance and I have no hope in hell of using all 4 slots if I want to use this type of ram given the rather over kill spreaders on each module. Luckily I just have 2 sticks so I don't have any issue and it will easily clear the memory slot dust covers that come with the Sabertooth.

As for performance I had an Intel stock cooler before so really anything would have been a step up but I can safely say both noise and temps are down. the MechWarrior Online Beta could get my 3770K just above the 60 mark but with this cooler it wont even get past 45. So with that in mind it gives me a fair good chunk of room for some overclocking.

You do get a few extras such as some noise reduction cables that knock the fan speed down as well as a 1-into-2 splitter cable if you only have 1 CPU fan socket. you Also get a cool case badge and a rather useful thin screwdriver.
All in all this is an awesome cooler if you have to keep an eye on how much room you have in you case.


 26 Feb 2011
By Carol Haynes
This is a BIG piece of kit and you need a BIG case to be able to fit it (my Antec 300 is fine) but was accompanied by everything you need plus a brilliantly well written set of instructions.

Installation is not for the faint hearted - you have to remove the motherboard from the case.

Couple of words of advice:

1) Install the memory before you mount the cooler on the CPU - on my board I lose access to two of the memory slots by the time the cooler is mounted. I'd gues if you have RAM with cooling fins it might get a bit tight - or even impossible.

2) Cases with the PSU at the bottom are difficult to remount the motherboard once everything has been set up because at least one of the fixing screw places is very difficult to get to. I managed to replace the fixing screw with a pair of tweezers to get it into the hole and then a very thin handled Phillips screwdriver held with one finger on the end and two fingers from the other hand to rotate it. I managed to tighten it with a heavier screwdriver at an angle from the side. If you have large hands or sausage-like fingers forget it - it is a very tight squeeze.

Once up and running the two fans are almost inaudible (without using either of the extra cables to quieten things down further). The fans are currently spinning at around 650RPM and the CPU temperature is 24C (thats an AMD Phenom II x6) - compared to the stock fan from AMD which was running at ~ 2500RPM and 37C.

All in all an awesome pience of kit to look at, fun to install (if you like a challenge) and brilliant at its job. It has to be said though there is not a lot of space left in the case!!

Cooler than a polar bears cold bits!

 20 Feb 2011
By Private Custard
After a lot of research, I decided on this cooler as a replacement for my standard AMD unit, which was coping admirably with my 3.5Ghz overclock.

First impressions on opening the box were similar to those that I'd have felt if I'd just witnessed two planets colliding. This thing is seriously impressive and left me with the theme to 2001 playing in my head!

The box comes complete with both AMD and intel fixing kits, although, if you're running an AMD cpu, you may want to check Noctuas website for compatability with your motherboard as, apparently, not all AM3 sockets have a backplate as standard. Mine (Asus M4A78LT-M) did, so I was happy.


Installation was a breeze. Having never removed a motherboard before, I was worried. I didn't need to be as it was all so simple. The instructions included are top notch.......even the offspring of a village idiot and a TV weather girl could do it.

Now some stats

Standard AMD cooler - Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.5Ghz.

Idle - 26 degrees
Full load - 51 degrees

Noctua NH-U12P & both 120mm NF-P12 fans - Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.72Ghz

Idle - 14 degrees
Full load - 36 degrees

This product is highly recommended. And, considering the box comes complete with two NF-P12 120mm fans, it's great value.

Great cooler

 30 May 2013
By mujib
Fits my Corsair Obsidian 550d like a charm and works wonderfully. Can't hear it at all withe the case closed.

it did the job, I suggest installing both fans

 13 April 2013
By Killnz
I was using the stock i7 fan for a while. then I became interested in temps when my pc restarted while I was gaming

I downloaded speedfan and monitored my temps, my cpu was over 75c while gaming

So i purchased this fan after reading reviews

set up is easy, although some towers/cases will require you to demount the motherboard if you have it already installed. I suggest demount for safer and easier workflow, there is a step by step guide with images, as well as many tutorials and youtube videos

the trickiest thing to set up was the fans, so I suggest watching youtube video if you get stuck. keep in mind air flow, the fans must be set up to release air out of the back. the side with the sticker takes air in, side with no sticker takes air out.

after set up, the system ran at 40C idle

this is usual and not the final temp

the next morning the system ran at 34C-35C temp, it stayed at that now

while gaming I get 50C-54C

huge difference compared to the +70C I got with the stock fan



 24 Jan 2014
By Muhammad Irfan Bin Ab Razak
dilemma of getting a liquid cooler (antec kuhler 620 or corsair H80) or a high end air-cooler but somehow ended up getting this cooler. running i5 4670k at stock (3.4GHz) full load at about 53degrees. thats half what a stock cooler gave me. happy.

Nice quiet cooler

 2 Dec 2013
By Felix
Very Well built, high quality components, 2 provided fans run very quietly, virtually silent on the included ultra low noise adapters.
Provided extras are nice. screw driver provided is very solid. Thermal paste is good quality, enough is provided for ~4 applications.
AMD mounting options are limited to a top to bottom orientation of the fans, though Noctua will provide a 90 degree mounting kit for free as long as you can provide valid proof of purchase of both an AMD motherboard and the Cooler it self.


 21 July 2013
By Sam H
Powerful and surprisingly quiet. Easy to put on, and it over halved my CPU temps! Would recommend for other serious builds (who don't care massively about the aesthetics)

Keeps my xeon nice and cool

 22 May 2013
By Sam
Runs quietly and keeps my xeon, which is overlcocked from 3.2ghz to 4.2ghz very cool, i wouldnt normally expect to get performance like that from an air cooler. Good buy!

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