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EasyAcc Google Nexus 10 Case Smart Cover with Stand / Auto Sleep Wake up Function (PU Leather, Black)


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Exterior---synthetic PU leather with well wear resistant. You will don't worry about scratching or wearing out leather by accident.
Interior--- Lint interior is with soft touch feeling and the soft lint can safeguard and clean the screen.

This leather case is specially designed for Google Samsung Nexus 10. Leather frame wrap your device tightly and snugly. All buttons and ports like charging, earphone port, camera and speaker are exposed; you can enjoy your device any function without remove the case

Easy to carry---Slim and light case is easy to carry with your device in a bag
Magnetic closure---makes sure your lid closed well to protect your device against shake while in a backpack, handbag or briefcase
2-view angle stand(Vertical and Horizontal)---you can enjoy your content hand free. You can hold your device at an ideal angle for watching or typing on the onscreen keyboard on a desk
Auto sleep and wake up---making your device go to sleep once you close it, and instantly waking it up when you open it ready for use. Just close and open the lid, save more energy and protect the power button.

Classic style will never out; functional design; Neat cut and complimentary stitch for exquisite workmanship; This is an absolutely economical protective case for you!

Technical Details

  • Exterior: Synthetic PU leather, with good wear resistant and touch comfortable; Interior: Soft lint, with good touch feeling, safeguards and cleans the screen.
  • Custom made only for Google Samsung Nexus 10. Cut out for all ports, buttons, speaker outlet & Camera
  • 2-view angle stand: hand free, hold your device at an ideal angle for watching or typing on the onscreen keyboard on a desk; Magnetic closure
  • Auto sleep and wake up feature making your device go to sleep once you close it and instantly waking it up when you open it ready for use
  • Classic style, neat cut and complimentary stitch, functional design, an economical one for you

Customer Reviews

Great value, although not quite as good a product as the standard ipad case

 14 April 2013
By Rob
Excellent product. Works well.

Only complaint (if I had to give one) is that, compared to Apples cases for its ipad, it's a little bulky and not quite as convenient to use. But for the price it deserves five stars.

Great product for the price

 28 Mar 2013
By John
The case appears on ownership of couple of weeks to be sufficiently sturdy and is certainly of a convincingly leather-like appearance.

Once closed the Nexus 10 screen is well protected with the covering flap being very rigid and of an appropriate but not unwieldy thickness.

The stand feature works well but only works to its true potential where apps allow 360 degree rotation. Some, like Auto-Trader don't (in their current versions anyway), so you can't use the stand as one would do the feet of as keyboard to increase the angle of use whilst your tablet sits on your lap. That's actually quite irritating but it's a problem created by the app rather than the case.

As noted by other reviewers, in certain orientations the auto-sleep trigger is easily invoked and will lock the Nexus 10 during normal use. Whilst annoying it's easy to accomododate once you know why it's happening.

I can't comment on how hard-wearing it will prove to be over time. I mainly use it at home so it's not going in and out of briefcases or rucksacks which obviously would be a sterner test of its durability.

Otherwise though it's a great case in quality and appearance for a very good price.

excellent value

 23 Mar 2013
By Justin Leadbeater
It does exactly what it says on the tin and it's cheap, well made, holes in the right place, what more do you want.

Great Value for money

 23 Mar 2013
By Simon
Does what it says on the tin. Offers good protection, is not too bulky. All connections, camera etc are revealed. Very good price.The magnetic lid can switch the nexus 10 off/on when completely folded round to the rear but the hinge is designed to allow the lid to go further than the sensor or it locates into the clip for an angled stand. If I use it properly it's no problem.

Nexus 10 Cover / Case

 19 Mar 2013
By Nexus Fan
This might be a budget case but it does not look cheap and it offers premium protection. It is pretty rigid in terms of security and durability and the Nexus 10 is a close fit, making it nigh on impossible to slip out. I particularly like the all round protection which some other budget cases fail to offer. The Nexus buttons are well protected yet accessible and the speakers are only slightly muted by being inside the case. Owing to its precise fit, one may find that the pull down menus are a little awkward to use but this is a minor point, easily overcome by touching the screen where it begins to disappear under the edge of the case. The auto shut off feature functions perfectly well with no random shutdowns. The only minus point is the lack of variety in the way that the case may be used as a stand. However, it is adequately suitable for purpose and I can recommend this case having used it for about a month now. It is unbeatable in terms of value for money but even if a buyer was not completely happy with it, it will prove to be a good buy whilst they are searching for a case that better supplies their needs. If that is the case, they can look forward to paying four or five times as much for another case that does not offer much of an upgrade.

Good Case

 12 Mar 2013
By Francis
Very good case, maybe a little thick, but have some scratch in the surface. Overall quality is great, the stand function works fine, and the magnetic too.

Simple design, fits well

 10 Mar 2013
By Sheel "Likes Easy Shopping"
The case fits the Nexus 10 well. It is simple and strong.
The stand can be a bit fiddly, but I prefer it flat or almost flat; the tablet is at a slight angle when in the case anyway.

great value and addition

 3 Mar 2013
By AlanH
Great value for money , well made and compliments the nexus 10 really well. I like the way it switches off and on when you close and open the case.

Good quality and does it's job well

 20 Feb 2013
By haggisandchips
I have had this product for a while now and I am very pleased with it and yes I would recommend it to others.

The case is good quality, fits snugly and opens and closes easily and the stand "mechanism" works well although the relatively small footprint would concern me on a train for example but I have not used it in a moving environment so I can't really comment on that side of things. So far it has stood up (sorry, pun intended) to everything I've asked of it.

The sleep/wake functionality works very well - I'd like to say perfectly but I'm not 100% sure as the tablet has gone to sleep on a couple of occasions when the flap has been wide open - I have not got to the bottom of what is causing this and it is entirely possible that it has absolutely nothing to do with the case but as my tablet spends its entire life in the case I cannot say whether this happens or not when the tablet is not in the case. This is literally a couple of times in the last month and it would not put me off buying the same case again.

The one minor downside is that the case fits so neatly around the visible screen size that it makes dragging the notification area down a bit awkward as the case itself forces your finger to start a bit below the top of the screen but I have found that you can mitigate this by squeezing the tablet down a bit in the case and the fit is so snug that the case holds it there so you only have to do this once.

Bottom line is this is a great case and I'm very happy with it.

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