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MSI AMD R7770 1GB DDR5 PCI-E Graphics Card


Amazon Price: £92.99 (as of August 2, 2014 5:01 pm - Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

MSI AMD R7770 1000MHz 4500MHz 1024MB 128bit DDR5 HDMI DP DLDVII FAN PCIE GRAPHICS CARD R7770PMD1GD5 Components Video Graphics Cards

Technical Details

  • AMD Radeon GPU Boost
  • Great visual effects to enhance the gaming experience for unbeatable performance
  • AMDs Radeon provides trule game-changing performance

Customer Reviews

Good, very good!

 22 April 2013
By B. S. Barwick "Brian Barwick"
I decided to splash out and buy a new monitor, I choose (after hours of reading reviews) the LG 29EA93, a very widescreen high pixel count monitor 2560 x 1080, lovely........

My then graphics card was 2 years old and although worked after a fashion, I particulary wanted to use display port on both the graphics card and monitor, and I ran into problems, it only running at the lower 1920 etc., resolution, so, litrally going overdrawn on my bank account (again) I bought this MFI R7770 graphics card.

Installation was very easy, remember you need to use a 6 pin power input, a lot of modern PSU have this facility, or, if not, in the box is an adaptor from the standard 4 pin Molex to the needed pin power plug.

Powering it up for the first time, you need to adjust the screen resolution and away you go............

I must admit it does look a little crisper running this graphics card and runs almost silent, this card was the best value I could find, and I searched for the best part of 3 days, reading umpteen reviews and searching etc.,

The last review for this card on here, Amazon, is slightly incorrect as the writer says its 2 x HDMI and 1 x DVI on this card, it's actually as follows: 1 x display port, 1 x HDMI port and 1 x DVI port, I personally prefer display port.

Would I buy it again after now having used it for a few days, yes I would, it's good for the price ..............

Graphics Card

 12 May 2013
By Lecwat
For the money and if you have the space and enough spare power this is an excellent Graphics Card, improved my computer very much even though I am not an avid gamer. However the supplied driver disk did not work had to get latest drivers on line then all worked well. A great card for the money

MSI AMD R7770 1GB DDR5 PCI-E Graphics Card

 9 Sep 2013
By Amazon Customer
Very pleased with card , this was an upgrade from an Nvidia 6200 , and I have noticed the difference , my windows experience score went up from 4.2 for aero to 7.5 and 5.4 for gaming to 7.5 .

Good card for the price

 14 July 2013
By Galvex
Brought this card knowing that it would not be the fastest of cards ,but price wise and comparing it with nvidia cards at this range you got more for your money .
Would recommend to any one looking at mid range graphic cards .
Just remember if your replacing a nvidia card with a amd make sure all nvidia drivers are deleted and get the latest driver from amd site.

great graphics

 29 Dec 2013
By MandyJW
Meets the exacting standards of young gamer! I am impressed with the clarity of the graphics on games eg Skyrim and the Batman Arkham series. Experienced no lagging at all.

for the price!

 1 Nov 2013
By joshua james white
great for playing games and general windows apps on a budget, cannot use in sli though , looking forward to what mantle has to offer! plus for an extra £10-15 get a 7790 for budget 1080p gaming unless your a capable oc'er then save your money for something better down the line

Very pleased with this card

 14 Sep 2013
By R. Lockley
My sister's prebuilt from HP didn't come with a standalone card, so she was never able to have decent performance in any of the games she played (not even Minecraft!), so I went online and found this card to be a nice solution.

Nice and powerful (better than the 8800gt in my PC, which I know runs one of her games just fine),

Still pretty small, fits in her case with no fuss (I believe it's an mATX case but I can't be sure, fits with space to spare though),

Doesn't require much power (it says 450w is required but that takes into account the rest of the machine, the 300w PSU from HP wasn't good enough so I had to fit in another one but that's no biggie), uses a single 6pin PCIe connector.

Nice and quiet, pretty much sounds the same as it did before without the card installed.

So yes, if you have a prebuilt that needs a boost for games, I'd say go with this. Just remember to not install it alongside a too slow CPU (i3 2120 @ 3.2 in this case) as not to cause a bottleneck!

This card is great for low budget gaming!

 16 Jun 2013
By Clare
I bought this card for my son and it preforms really well from my understanding of what he says. It can run top end games on the ultra graphics setting and can pull around 40fps. It runs games like Minecraft with over 300fps. Overall, its a very, very good card for the price for a starting gamer.

Great value for money

 4 April 2013
By Jamal
This is probably one of the best graphics card i ever owned. The quality you get its unbelievable for the money you spend on it. It has 4028 resolution, 3 outputs from which 2 are HDMI and the other is DVI. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys watching movies and playing games above with above average quality.

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